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Baking Tools

Get the baking tools you need to make baking a breeze

The baking tools and equipment are important to the success of your creations. This is no different when it comes to bread or pastry. Banneton Man has the right baking, bread making and pastry tools available to make the job easier and more effective for everyone. Ranging from home cooks all the way up to professional bakers.

The best bread-making tools and equipment on the market

Dough whisks

Preparing your dough correctly is critical for perfect tasting bread and these Danish dough whisks give you the tool to ensure it is properly mixed every time.

Mixing the dough before kneading can be a tough process as it is very thick, but this tool has been designed to make short work of it and ensure a thorough mix. It is made with a tough timber handle and stainless steel wire head, but it is the design that allows it to work the dough perfectly.

The head is made of three separate loops, each a different diameter and lined up one behind the other. This creates a 3D shape that powers through the dough and allows for even and thorough mixing - making it an essential tool for any baker

Dough scrapers

These are essential when it comes to your kitchen, whether you're an amateur or a professional. These dough scrapers serve multiple purposes, helping you work the dough on your workbench, cut butter into your mix, lift all the dough out of mixing bowls and to help keep your work spaces neat and tidy.

Metal dough scrapers are the perfect tool for cutting through your dough, heavy butter and also rolled dough for when you are baking scones, brownies etc. And plastic options come with both a flat and curved edge so they can be used as great all-round options.

Linen bread bags

When you have prepared and baked fresh loaf, you want to be able to enjoy it for days to come without the need for preservatives. These linen bags will help you keep your bread fresher for longer because they remain breathable even when they are tightly closed. This allows the moisture to leave the bag while preventing airborne germs getting in and creating mould, so your loaf will remain fluffy and white while keeping that crust nice and crispy.

These bags also look great on your bench and are environmentally friendly, saving the use of plastic and paper bags to store your goods.