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Steel Bench Scraper

Bench scrape shovels – available throughout Australia

As a baker, you know it's important to cut rather than tear your dough. Cutting keeps the gluten fibers intact and protects the fermentation bubbles in the mixture, giving you a better quality loaf and tastier results. It also makes your bread look as though it was baked by a professional, which will really impress your dinner guests!

To ensure you cut all your dough cleanly, use this sleekly-designed bench scrape shovel. It's made from stainless steel for durability and absolute precision during use! It's sturdily built but not cumbersome, so every loaf will be a joy to make. A steel bread scraping tool definitely gives a sharper, cleaner cut compared to plastic or silicone. Ours has a steel handle for a stable grip. 

This premium-quality bench scraper is ideal for professionals and hobbyists throughout Australia. It's a simple yet efficient tool for creating the most delicious artisan bread!

  • Entirely made of durable stainless steel
  • Height: 11.5cm, Width: 15cm, Weight: 120g

How to use a bench scrape shovel

Measure your dough and decide where to cut. Hold the handle and press down into it from top to bottom to create a clean, neat cut. Hold the scraper at a shallow angle against your countertop and scrape any remnants into a container to clean your workstation.