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What is a Proofing Basket?

A proofing basket is a type of container used in bread baking to hold dough as it rises. You may have heard them referred to before as brotforms or bannetons instead, but these baskets come in a variety of sizes, typically either round or oval in shape, and have a number of small holes in the sides and bottom to allow air to circulate.

As the dough proofs, the gluten will relax and leave the shaped loaf to spread and flatten throughout the rising process. Bakers will often place linen on these baskets to create a smooth texture on the finished bread, but should you have a particular texture on the basket, you can leave it unlined to imprint on the dough.

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All the equipment you need to create the perfect loaf

Baking is a fine art and you need the right tools to ensure you get the perfect final product. Banneton baskets - or proofing baskets - originated in France and are woven products that will ensure you get the best possible outcomes.

Our baskets are crafted from wood fibre or woven cane and assembled in a spiral shape which leaves an imprint on the dough and a high-quality end product. But the benefits of these banneton baskets go beyond simple aesthetics.

The baskets also absorb the moisture from the outside layer of the dough which means it won't be sticky after being baked. This also makes the outer layer easier to score during baking to open up the bread and also create further unique and beautiful designs.

The process is simple, you just dust the inside layer of your banneton baskets with flour to help wick the moisture off and create a nice skin for your bread while the shape also helps keep the dough in the form you want, preventing it from spreading out.

Then you simply transfer the dough from the banneton to your preferred bread baking equipment or tray and cook to perfection.

Banneton baskets to suit all kinds of bread making

We are proud to offer a range of options so that you can bake the perfect loaves of bread, rolls and baguettes in whatever shape you like. We also stock specialist bread baking tools to help you put together the perfect dough, to shape and craft patterns.

Our designs are handcrafted and provide the perfect cradle for your dough to proof and rise, ensuring that you won't have loose dough when it comes time to bake.

To use yours, moisten the rattan with a bit of water and dust the inside with flour and put your dough in upside down with the seam facing upwards.

You then cover the basket with a bag or cloth and allow it to prove and rise perfectly. Then simply flip the dough onto your tray and set your banneton aside for 24 hours when it will be ready to use again.

The difference between natural and synthetic bannetons

There are metal and plastic options on the market, but they don't do the job the way the authentic handcrafted rattan basket designs do. 

Our products allow for the right amount of air circulation, which means the dough will be able to breathe on all sides so it won't lose its shape. The natural print on your dough from the handcrafted spirals are also much more appealing. 

Once your beautiful loaf has been baked, we also stock natural linen bread bags that will help keep it perfectly fresh and moist for longer. 

Our designs are the perfect accompaniment for any kitchen. They are suitable for professional bakers and also amateur home cooks who may be making bread for the first time in their life. They are simple to use, last for a long time and deliver perfect results time and time again. With our banneton baskets, you can rest assured that you'll always be serving the perfect loaf to your customers or family.