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Rectangular Banneton Baskets

Size: Medium

Rectangular Banneton Basket - 100% Rattan Crafted from 100% natural, sustainable rattan, this is the perfect banneton basket fo... View full details

Rectangular Banneton Basket - 100% Rattan

Crafted from 100% natural, sustainable rattan, this is the perfect banneton basket for all your bread-proofing needs. The rectangular shape will produce plump, tempting loaves that are great for sharing with family and friends at dinner parties - just add cheese and wine! You can use this versatile basket to make any type of bread, not just sourdough.

In addition to its charming, rustic appearance, Rattan is very useful when making bread. As a plant-derived material, it allows your dough to breathe while it's proofing in the basket. In addition to drawing excess water from the dough, Rattan produces an incredibly stable, beautifully formed, and great-tasting loaf.

Additionally, rattan is a good choice if you want a natural, safer alternative to a plastic bread proofing basket. Unlike synthetic basket materials such as plastic, rattan doesn't expose your dough to any chemicals. When baked, your bread will be delicious, healthy and nutritious! Authentic European flavours abound in this artisanal loaf made in the traditional way.

Product Features:

  • Hand Made
  • Made from 100% organically grown rattan material 
  • Finish with stainless steel staples, no rust, build to last
  • Food safe rattan cane


Size Recommend Dough Weight Inside Measurement
900g to 1.1kg L29cm x W13.5cm x H8cm
Large 1.1kg to 1.5kg L31cm x W15cm x H8cm 

How to Use:

Sprinkle flour on the banneton and put the dough in for proofing. After proofing, carefully put the dough upside down on your baking blade; it will keep its shape in the oven.

Please Note:

The banneton should not be used in the oven. You can put it in a proofing oven just over room temperature, but you must remove the dough before baking.

Price includes:

1 piece of rattan rectangular banneton basket with your choice of size



All our bannetons are measured from inside banneton. Because what matters is the actual volume of the banneton.

For example, our 23cm oval banenton share the same length as competitors' 25cm oval banneton.

Wider and Deeper

Despite the top length, our bannetons are wider, deeper and hold more dough than many competitors'.

Unbleached Rattan Cane

Our bannetons are made of natural rattan cane without the chemical treatment in the manufacturing process. 

Stainless Nails/Staples

We only use stainless nails/staples in our bannetons, this significantly drive the production cost up, but the nails won't go rusty over the years.