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Banneton Liner - Round & Oval


Banneton Liner - Cotton liner cover for banneton baskets

Have you ever experienced your carefully fermented bread dough sticking to the proofing basket and not coming out of the basket intact? That conceivably happens to every sourdough baker at the beginning of his or her bread baking journey. A piece of liner cover on top of your banneton basket can save you from this stress.

The benefits of banneton liners

Lightly dusting the banneton liner with rice flour will effectively prevent the dough from sticking to the basket, even with high hydration bread dough. 

Banneton liners are easy to wash and reuse, helping to keep your banneton baskets clean and functional for a longer time. 

If you don't like your bread to carry the coiled pattern of the rattan basket, a banneton liner can eliminate the impressed pattern on your final dough, making a nice smooth surface on your bread. 

Price includes:

One (1) liner cover for banneton basket in the size/shape of your choice

How to use:

Firstly, sprinkle some water on the banneton liner.

Secondly, dust some flour onto the liner cover and allow the flour to lightly cover the proofing area. 

Thirdly, place the dough into the round or oval basket.

How to clean:

Hand wash only