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Round Wood Pulp Bread Proofing Baskets

Size: Small

Since 1920, the company has produced wood pulp bread proofing baskets. What is wood pulp? It is made from spruce wood, a natura... View full details

Since 1920, the company has produced wood pulp bread proofing baskets.

What is wood pulp?

It is made from spruce wood, a natural product that is free of any chemical additives and produced in a physically sound manner in a local factory. 

While being supplied with water, fresh German tree trunks are pressed against rotating stone rollers. Cellulose molecules are attached to one another to create a fiber material out of the wood's structure. There are no other wood components, such as lignin, which is a natural wood adhesive.

As lignin is responsible for the yellowing caused by heat during drying or by sunlight, you can recognize the shape by its light yellow-brown discoloration. This yellowing is therefore not a defect but evidence of the natural state of the wood pulp used.

Product features: 

  • Well tested over 100 years
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very durable
  • Made of materials approved for food contact under EU standards
  • Biodegradable


Size Recommend Dough Weight Inside Measurement
Small 500g to 750g D18cm x H7cm
Large 750g to 1kg D22.5cm x H5.5cm

How to Use: 

The round wood pulp basket is ready for immediate use without any major pre-treatment. You may brush it briefly and then dust the inside with a little flour.

How to Care: 

Make sure the baskets are completely dried to prevent mold from forming. 

To do this, place the mold (s) individually in a warm and well-ventilated place. After baking the bread, you can also use the residual heat from the oven.

At around 100 - 120 degrees Celsius, the baskets dry faster without damaging and at the same time all germs are killed. After complete dried, the baskets can be stacked at a location with adequate ventilation for storage.

How to Clean: 

The baskets should not be washed with water; they should be dry-cleaned only as described above.

Please Note: 

The round wood pulp baskets are for proofing purposes only, please do NOT bake with it.