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Flax Linen Bakers Couche

Bakers Couche - 100% Europe Natural Flax Linen

Baguette-making is a true art form, so to produce the tastiest, most enticing-looking baguettes, you need the finest tools. This 100% natural linen couche is the secret to creating delicious baguettes. Your bread will be fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, with the perfect balance of chewy and crunchy.

A bakers couche is used to support your dough during proofing. You simply form a series of folds in the fabric and arrange your shaped dough within them. The folds help to maintain the dough's shape and prevent the baguettes from sticking to one another as they expand. The fabric itself absorbs excess moisture without drying out your dough; for this task, linen is far superior to flimsy cotton.

To ensure flawless results and a tempting taste, choose a linen bakers cloth. This natural fabric is flexible and light yet durable so it can be used time and again. You'll become a master of baguette-making, enjoying every baking session and finding every homemade baguette irresistible!

  • Made from heavy-duty 100% natural linen imported from Europe
  • Cut and hemmed in Australia
  • High-quality, untreated, unbleached fabric
  • Measures L90cm x W70cm, ideal for proofing 3-4 baguettes at once

How to Use:

Add a light, even layer of flour to the couche. Fold the fabric into several creases that will support the dough during proofing. Place your shaped dough into the creases, cover, and leave to rise.

When your dough is ready for baking, carefully transfer it from the couche to the pan. When cleaning the couche, brush off excess flour and leave to air dry. Avoid scraping with force or you will tear the fabric. Never wash the couche.

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