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Silicone Spatula Set


Silicone Spatula Set - 3 or 6 Pieces Set

Silicone spatulas for Australia’s passionate bakers

A silicone spatula is a baker's best friend. It's a handy utensil that makes light work of many different cooking and baking tasks. But to really get creative in the kitchen, you need this complete kit from Banneton Man. With various shapes and sizes, you can mix, scoop, scrape and spread to your heart's content!

These utensils are BPA-free and food-safe. Your baked goodies will be extra-tasty because no harmful toxins will have leaked into the mix! The seamless design makes them easy to clean and means there's nowhere for dirt or germs to get trapped. They have a sturdy iron-steel core and high-quality outer, so they won't melt, warp, shrink, break or discolour. They won't get too hot to handle, either.

These tools are the smart, stylish alternative to flimsy plastic utensils. Choose your favourite colour and keep them on display to brighten up your kitchen!

  • Made from FDA-approved, BPA-free, 100% food-grade material
  • Non-stick, melt/warp-resistant and heat-resistant up to 230˚
  • Seamless design for hygiene and iron-steel core for durability

3-piece silicone spatula set includes a spatula in three sizes:

  1. Large
  2. Mini
  3. Spoon

6-piece set includes a combination of the following sized spatulas:

  1. Large
  2. Mini
  3. Spoon
  4. Mini spoon
  5. Spreader
  6. Mini pastry brush