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Natural Linen Bread Bag

Natural Linen Bread Bags - Pack of 2

When you've baked the perfect loaf, where should you store it to keep it fresh? Forget plastic containers and bags - choose a linen fabric bread bag instead! These bags have a large capacity so can be used to store loaves of all sizes.

Each reusable bread bag has a drawstring closure to ensure your bread stays fresher for longer. Linen is good for both the environment and your health, as it's natural, breathable, absorbs humidity and prevents bacteria from forming. With country-inspired prints of wheat and ladybirds, these bags are also brimming with rustic charm and look so attractive hanging in your kitchen! They're presented in a matching craft paper box so they make lovely gifts for hobbyist bakers.   

A linen bread bag is the traditional and attractive way to store your homemade, artisanal loaves. Why not take yours on shopping trips to carry your produce? It will help you avoid using harmful, single-use plastic bags!

  • Pack of 2 x natural linen bags with drawstring closures
  • An eco, zero-waste, biodegradable alternative to plastic bags
  • Large 30cm x 40cm size holds both round and oval loaves

How to Use:

Cut your bread in the middle but keep the two halves together when you place them in the bread bag. Pull the drawstring to close the bag tightly. You can wrap your bread in wax paper too for longer-lasting freshness. To care for the bags, use cold water and a gentle hand wash. Hang to dry and do not iron.