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Oval Wood Pulp Bread Proofing Baskets

Size: Small

Since 1920, the German company starts to produce wood pulp bread proofing baskets in Germany. What is wood pulp? The wood pulp ... View full details

Since 1920, the German company starts to produce wood pulp bread proofing baskets in Germany.

What is wood pulp?

The wood pulp used to produce these baskets is a natural product made from fresh spruce wood, which is free of any chemical additives and is produced locally in a purely physical way. 

The fresh tree trunks, which come from sustainable forestry in Germany, are pressed against rotating stone rollers while being supplied with water. The wood structure is broken up and fiber material is created from molecules of cellulose attached to one another. All other wood components, such as lignin, which is a natural wood adhesive, are retained. 

You may recognize this by the light yellow-brown discoloration of the shape, as lignin is responsible for the yellowing caused by heat during drying or by sunlight. This yellowing is therefore not a defect but evidence of the natural state of the wood pulp used.

Product features: 

  • Well tested over 100 years
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable
  • Biodegradable
  • Made of materials approved for food contact under EU standards


Size Recommend Dough Weight Inside Measurement
Small 500g to 750g L23cm x W14.5cm x H7cm
Large 750g to 1kg L30cm x W13.5cm x H7cm

How to Use: 

The oval wood pulp basket is ready for immediate use without any major pre-treatment. You may brush it briefly and then dust the inside with a little flour.

How to Care: 

Make sure the baskets are completely dried to prevent mold from forming. 

To do this, place the mold (s) individually in a warm and well-ventilated place. You can also use the residual heat from the oven after the bread has been baked. At around 100 - 120 degrees Celsius, the baskets dry faster without damaging and at the same time all germs are killed. After complete dried, the baskets can be stacked at a location with adequate ventilation for storage.

How to Clean: 

Please don't wash the baskets with water, dry cleaning as described above only. 

Please Note: 

The oval-shaped wood pulp baskets are for proofing purposes only, please do NOT bake with it.