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Bread Lame

Bread Lame - With 1 + 4 Blades

You've seen those scrumptious-looking loaves; the ones with neatly-scored valleys in the top that rise to crisp, brown peaks. If you want to try your hand at making them, you need our bread lame in your baking kit! It enables you to give your loaves an artisanal finish that enhances their appeal and flavour.

The word "lame" is taken from the French, "lahm", which means "blade". A lame is a bread scoring tool used to cut patterns in your dough before baking. In the oven, the cuts expand into an attractive almond-shaped well; the cuts crisp at the "ears" or "flaps" which gives the bread added texture and a richer taste.

Designed for precise cutting, our curved-blade lame lets you approach your dough at a lower angle than most. The crafted wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand and is fitted with a sharp stainless steel blade. Four additional blades are included with this set, so you get great value for money. Each blade can be used at four different angles to create your preferred design.  

  • Ergonomic wooden handle for a comfortable grip
  • Includes 5 double-edged blades and a protective cover
  • Length: 19.5cm

How to Use:

Ensure the blade is sharp. Gently score the dough without cutting too deeply or applying too much pressure. If your dough is very sticky, wet the blade between cuts. To create the traditional "ear" shape, hold the lame at 30˚ against the dough's surface and cut about 5mm deep. When the blade is no longer sharp, turn it and change angles for a better result.

Please Note:

Five double-edged razor blades are wrapped in paper inside the box when you receive it. Please be careful when handling.