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Thanks to the internet, you don't need to establish a dedicated bakery to be able to successfully market and sell your baked goods. Social media platforms and eCommerce websites make it easy to sell from your own home, while there are numerous delivery and courier services that make it easy to get your goods sent fresh to your customers’ doors.

Of course, there are challenges when it comes to setting up a baked good business from home and we are going to run through these challenges – and the solutions.

Legislation and compliance for baking at home

It doesn't matter if you are baking cupcakes for the school fete or operating a large-scale commercial kitchen you need to adhere to the same Australian Food Standards Code. You will need to familiarise yourself with the three following standards to ensure that you are compliant:

Standard 3.2.2 - Food Safety Practices and General Requirements

Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment

Part 1.2 - Labelling and Other Information Requirements

A safe working environment

You will need to ensure that your space is not only safe and free from hazards for the protection of yourself, your family and anyone who enters the kitchen but also to ensure there is no cross-contamination that makes your customers unwell.

Raw and cooked foods must be kept separate and all waste must be disposed of immediately and away for all food products. You will need to have increased hygiene practices with a hand basin, soap and single-use paper towels available to wash your hands frequently. All food needs to be correctly stored and labelled with clear use-by dates as well.

You don't need specific qualifications

There are many myths when it comes to baking from home with the intention of selling your products and having official credentials is one of them.

There are many people that will tell you that you need years of study under your belt to a formal chef, cook or baker but this is not true. There are no rules for this. If your baking is desirable to others, then go for your life.

You don't need to outlay enormous amounts of money

There are some people that think you need a full-scale commercial kitchen and a second mortgage to be able to run a successful bakery operation from home.

While it is true that there are certain requirements (like a working oven and refrigerator with enough storage space), you don't need to spend thousands. It is important to understand the essential tools of the trade and lean into those strongly so you are working smarter and not harder (or breaking the bank).

There are many specialised tools that are extremely affordable and will enable you to create bakery standard products, with your imagination and willingness to put the work in being the only barriers to success.

Once you have mastered your craft with the proper baking tools, you are going to be able to reproduce your successes en masse and you are well on your way to a profitable business.