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Baking is a skill that takes time, patience, and practice. Beginners quickly realise that there’s a lot more to it than simply mixing ingredients, but the delicious rewards from your hard work are always worth it in the end! If you have a friend who loves their time in the kitchen and sharing their baked goods, why not return the favour by getting them what they need to step up their abilities?

At Banneton Man, we have a selection of special gifts for bread bakers and enthusiasts, from makers who exclusively offer up sourdough, to those willing to try their hand at everything! In this article, we explore 10 of the best gifts for the bread bakers in your life.

1. Heart Pattern – Round Wood Pulp Bread Proofing Baskets

Let’s start with gifts for bread lovers who are also big advocates of living environmentally friendly. Show them some love (quite literally!) with a wood pulp proofing basket with a heart pattern. Alongside being one hundred per cent biodegradable, this basket is also incredibly durable in the kitchen.

Sourced from fresh tree trunks and lignin (a natural adhesive from wood), it doesn’t contain any chemical additives at all, and even though it doesn’t hold the artificial materials usually used to make a proofing basket stronger, it can support dough proofing of up to one kilo. Plus, the cleaning process doesn’t even use water, further contributing to the savings of our natural resources.

2. Sourdough Starter Kit - Basic

Looking for gifts for a new sourdough bread baker? You can’t go wrong with something that helps them get familiar with the basics, which is why a sourdough starter kit is an amazing option! This covers all the introductory material needed to make your first sourdough loaf. It includes a banneton basket with a capacity of approximately 700 grams of dough, a cotton liner, and a bread lame with four replacement blades.

Depending on your preference, you can get this in a 20cm round or 25cm oval banneton basket with the kit. Have this basic sourdough starter set delivered right to your favourite future baker today!

3. Silicone Spatula Set

Silicone spatulas are utensils that can be used for both baking and cooking. So, if you're looking for the best gifts for practical bread bakers that also love to experiment with other dishes in the kitchen, a quality set would be an amazing surprise. Made from food-grade BPA-free material, it also ensures that no harmful chemicals seep into any of their delicious creations.

The high-quality outer silicone makes sure that you’re not risking ruining the material of other baking tools, while the iron-steel core helps retain the shape of your spatulas so they can be used indefinitely.

You can choose from fun colours like deep pink, sky blue, black, red, yellow, and lawn green. The three-piece set has spatulas in three sizes (large, mini, and spoon), but if you want to give the receiver more variety, a six-piece set will do the trick; apart from everything in the three-piece version, it also comes with the mini spoon, spreader, and mini pastry brush shapes.

4. Flax Linen Bakers Couche

Do you know what the key is to make that delicious and picture-perfect sourdough bread? Having a flawless proofing process. This means three things: removing excess moisture without drying your dough, preventing them from sticking to one another, and using just the right amount of flour to create that unique crust. For this, you need something better than cotton, which can absorb the moisture that makes the bread irresistible.

Here, the flax linen baker couche comes to the rescue, as its folds allow your dough to maintain its shape throughout the process. Made from top-notch, untreated, and unbleached natural linen from Europe, this is one of our many sourdough bread baker gifts that will stand the test of time.

If the intended receiver particularly loves baguettes, this will definitely come in handy. This item is available in two measurements: L90cm x W70cm (perfect for three to four long baguettes) and L110cm x W48cm (perfect for four to five medium baguettes).

5. 8" Oval Shaped Cheese Cake Pan

In the mood for home-baked cheesecake? Perhaps your favourite baker is, and having a cheesecake pan will help them satisfy that craving using the right materials.

But isn’t this dedicated to bread makers? Well, what makes this pan worthy of being on the list is its versatility. Apart from mouth-watering cheesecakes, it may also be used for meatloaf, flan, and, of course, fresh wheat bread, making it the perfect gift for a bread maker with an expansive menu! Plus, it’s safe for your oven and fridge as it can withstand temperatures from  -20°C to 230°C.

No matter what you’re going to use it for, safety will always be the most important factor, and you can rest assured that anyone tasting your culinary masterpieces will be safe with the pan built using food-grade materials free of any kind of toxins.

6. Silicone Oven Mitts

The best gifts for bread makers should also include showing your care for their safety. And what better way to show them this sentiment than by buying silicone oven mitts. If you notice a friend using kitchen towels instead, offering them the mitts will be a thoughtful upgrade. Their textured silicone improves grip, and thanks to its cotton interior, they’re thick enough to let you hold a hot skillet without burning.

Available in colours red and black, this heat-resistant pair can be used for temperatures of up to 230°C without doing any kind of damage to the silicone cover. They’re also long enough to keep your forearms away from heat as you reach for a hot baking pan in the oven.

7. Starter Kit - Deluxe

One of our top gift choices for an enthusiastic sourdough baker enthusiast, the starter kit deluxe contains everything they would need for dough mixing, dough cutting, bread proofing, dough scoring, and bread storage. It comes with:

  • A round or oval food-grade rattan banneton basket perfect for 700 grams of dough
  • A cotton liner
  • A bread lame with four replacement blades
  • A bench scraper made with stainless steel
  • A silicone dough cake scraper
  • A Danish dough whisk with a wood handle
  • Two linen bread bags to keep the finished product fresher for longer

Anyone with this series of utensils will not need anything else to get started. And who knows? Once they make their first sourdough bread, they may even send delicious gifts to you as a way of thanks!

8. 4" Mini Non-Stick Bundt Baking Pan

Bundt cakes are amazing to share with friends and family at tea time. These are also perfect for mini celebrations or even when you just feel like satisfying a craving. If you know baking enthusiasts who are always looking to try something new, Bundt cakes are a staple recipe to perfect, affording these pans a definite spot in your list of gifts.

Made of 0.6 mm of carbon steel, this Bundt cake baking pan helps heat the batter evenly so the result would be deliciously rewarding up until the last bite. And because of its non-stick material, you’ll get that perfect distinct Bundt cake form every time.

When not baking, the recipient can also use it to make a meatloaf, pasta, and even an ice ring for a punch bowl. It’s going to be safe to use in the oven and fridge, so they don’t have to worry about any damage.

9. Non-Stick Scallop Madeline Baking Pan

If you have no idea which baking-related materials they have at home, go with something unique when narrowing down gifts for bread makers. The scallop madeline baking pan is an example of this. Suitable for cupcakes, cornbread, and shortbread muffins, this pan helps add a little creativity to baking.

10. Non-Stick Animal Cupcake Baking Pan

Whether you're making cornbread muffin rolls, cupcakes, biscuits, or muffins, you can always make things a little more fun and interesting with animal shapes. This is also very useful if you're looking for bread making gifts that even the kids can get involved in and enjoy.

The dimensions of these animal baking pans are 32.5cm x 25.8cm x 2.8cm, and they also let you form 12 pigs, monkeys, paw prints, and bear shapes per baking session.

And you won’t have to worry about ruining those cute little designs, because this baking pan has a non-stick surface, you know this is never going to be an issue. It’s also made with 0.8mm sturdy carbon steel that’s designed to withstand warping. This means their family can enjoy making fun-shaped pastries for a long time to come!

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If you would like to learn more about any of our gifts for bread bakers and makers, please do not hesitate to contact us at Banneton Man. You can call us directly on 0484 346 032, or send an email with all of your questions to support@bannetonman.com.au, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.